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Mechatech Industries is a leading manufacturer of plastic injection molding products, pre-engineered steel building accessories and general constructions parts, located in Dubai - United Arab Emirates; with over 20 years of experience in the mold designing and engineering plastic processing industry. We pride ourselves in our ability to take customer requirements and integrate them into the best injection molding solution for their needs. From the most challenging to the most routine projects, we ensure that every item Mechatech manufactures is an example of skilled workmanship.

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What We Do

Why Mechatech Industries?

We are small enough to give you the attention you need and large enough to provide you with all the services you may require, enabling us to transfer your idea into a useful product or a successful project.

The strength of Mechatech is its ability to take a project from concept to a finished part in the quickest, most cost effective way possible, without compromising critical aesthetics or dimensions.

In partnership with the customer, our design team will work with their extensive knowledge base to reduce customers’ injection mold development costs.

We specialize in making molds with specialty metals, all in the theme of maximizing production efficiency (lead & cycle time) and minimizing material/labor costs.

Perfection comes with experience

Our independence ensures your project's security and our dedicated staff assists you from the moment you make your first call to Mechatech, taking you from the development of the design; to the finished, higher level plastic product at a reduced price.

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Design Assistance

We are pleased to be able to offer our design assistance to both new and existing customers.


The development stage of a product is crucial in its overall success and ease of manufacture.

Tool Making

Our offering of a full on-site tool room to support the molding process allows ease of manufacture as services are carried out here on site.

Plastic Injection Molding

Our mold shop is home to 8 molding machines ranging in size from 80-300 tons and is run by our highly skilled setters.

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